Animation derived from Clarkes Fertility Dolls collection
Animation derived from "Fertility Dolls", the 3D signature piece of the collection "Nosce Te Ipsum", expressing Clarke's interest and research into the link between Magic, Medicine and Religion, referencing the mandrake root in Genesis which was said to resemble the human form and used as a fertility drug and aphrodisiac.

Clarke extends her absorptive creative process into the multi-media realm, through the fusion of movement and sound, to create intriguing animations of captivating beauty.

Through film, combining facets of research and studies of many years, she enables these extraordinary creatures, forged of individual characteristics and mysteries, to release their inherent bottled energies, telling their stories, while skilfully teasing out their secrets.

In collaboration with Kate Sullivan (Animation) and Nigel Kellaway (Sound).
  • Gen.XXX.14 by Lorraine Clarke