“Magisterium” is a disparate collection of lidded glass bottles and jars of all kinds: tall and narrow, short, round, slender, fat, shapely, functional, hundreds of them, displayed in wonderful array in clusters grouped by height and shape, reflecting light, and all with the most curious contents – a collection of found and made objects reminiscent in its bottled context, of a great library of medicaments of such diversity that it resembles the amalgamated arcane armamentarium of a Chinese medicine practitioner and a medieval apothecary. Yet the modern domesticity of the bottles reminds us too, of the many culinary ingredients which are also medicinal, and the nurturative femininity of much of the wisdom behind the world’s knowledge of healing. And just as in medicine, dangerous materials taken in small doses can be palliative or curative, this accumulation of materials might seem kind or malevolent, merely by the power of thought. Dr. Ruth Richardson
Nosce Te ipsum
Fertility Dolls
Triptych - Symbols of Unity (Pantheon of Spirits 1, That Tribal Sense of Self, Pantheon of Spirits 2)
Gods of Healing and Sublime Enchanters