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  • Open Studio,   Euroart,   02/06/2017

    FRIDAY 2nd JUNE.  6pm - 10pm.

    SATURDAY & SUNDAY 3rd & 4th JUNE.  2pm - 6pm.

    Free Entry / Interactive Music / Bar on Friday / Complimentary Tea/Coffee on Saturday & Sunday

    A chance to win a £250 Voucher Prize which can be used to buy work(s) in artists’ studios or to commission new work. The prize voucher does not have a cash value. The raffle will be drawn on the main landing at 5pm Sunday 5th June.

    Seven Sisters/Tottenham Hale
    Victoria Line (Approx. 5 minutes walk)

    Seven Sisters/Tottenham Hale (Approx. 5 minutes walk)
    South Tottenham (Approx. 7 minutes walk)

    41, 76,123, 149,192, 230,
    243, 259, 279, 318, 349, W4


    E-mail for an e-mail copy of the event leaflet.

    EUROART STUDIOS - Affordable workspaces for the arts:
    Euroart is North London’s largest artist-led studios group providing attractive studios at affordable rates. The complex of 70 studios boasts an eclectic mix of talented artists and fosters: networking and collaboration, exhibition and critique opportunities and information and advice. With major regeneration already underway, Tottenham is fast becoming increasingly attractive - not least to artists moving in from surrounding areas like Shoreditch and Dalston. University of the Arts has also recognised the area’s swift links to Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion with a Halls of Residence in the area. Meanwhile, a range of shops, restaurants and other amenities can also be found nearby.

  • My "Fertiltiy Dolls" featured in Sabat Magazine,   London,   22/09/2016

    Sabat 2: The Mother Issue featuring my "Fertility Dolls" is now available at

    Sabat Magazine fuses witchcraft and feminism, ancient archetypes and instant art.

  • Graduation, CSM 2016,   ,  
     Graduated with distinction!
  • Open Studios 2016,   Euroart,   05/06/2016
    In my studio presenting the £250 voucher to Jo Gibney the winner of the Art Raffle.
  • MA Art & Science Degree Show ,   Granary Square Central St Martins,   24/05/2016
    Installation completed for the grand opening.
  • Spectre of Abandonment 9-14 September 2014. Candid Arts Trust, 3-5 Torrens Street, Islington, London, EC1V 1NQ,   Candid Arts Trust (Islington),   10/09/2014

    Euroart is pleased to invite the public to an exceptional combination of the arts as Euroart’s art director Lorraine Clarke and three poets explore how the artforms, fine art and poetry, can interact and engender inspiration, through an intriguing exhibition of Lorraine’s fascinating sculptures and installations, and performances of poetry.

    In Spectre of Abandonment’, the three invited poets, Agnes Meadows, Sue Johns and Sarah Reilly, will perform poetry they created in response to Lorraine’s artworks. Conversely, Lorraine presents new artworks inspired by poems she selected from each of the poets anthologies. She also presents new sculpture with her own poetry.

    Agnes Meadows - international poet, writer and ex-journalist.
    Sue Johns- writer and performer of theatrical monologues.
    Sarah Reilly - poet, performer and visual artist.

    Artist/Writer Rebecca Baillie writes: The work of Lorraine Clarke is a bombardment for the senses. Clarke is interested in making the invisible workings of the human psyche visible, and in recognition that deep interiority is complex and multiple, many of her sculptures are comprised of hundreds of tiny elements. Parts typically overflow, but at the same time, elaborate attempts are made to contain any spillage. Clarke uses baskets, boxes, jars and small cylinders as homes for her objects, as though without this imposed structure, the weight of the emotions caught within could fly into the atmosphere and create a chaos too disruptive for everyday living. It is as though Clarke reveals to us something of the human spirit, but does so in a seemingly contradictory way, adding order and organization as the best, or perhaps the only way to communicate this difficult and irreducible concept.

    This show offers the chance to see the complete installation of Lorraine’s iconic 116 Fertility Dolls which was last exhibited in 2007.

    The exhibition opens the 9th to 14th September 2014 at The Candid Arts Trust, 3-5 Torrens Street, Islington, London, EC1V 1NQ.

    PV Tuesday 9 September. 6:00 - 9:00pm
    Performances by all three poets

    Open 10 - 13 September. 12:00 - 9:00pm

    Finissage Sunday 14 September. 12:00 - 4:00pm
    Performances by all three poets

    Performance Schedule (from 6:00PM)
    10th Sept. - Sarah Reilly
    11th Sept. - Agnes Meadows
    12th Sept. - Agnes Meadows & Sue Johns
    13th Sept. - Agnes Meadows, Sue Johns & Sarah Reilly

    The show will appeal to the fine art and literature loving public of all ages.

    For more information contact

    Supported by Redemption Craft Brewery, London